Plum Crumble

August was a month were I had a lot of time to bake and experiment in the kitchen, which I enjoyed. I was able to try out different recipes whether new ones or veganizing familiar recipes.

So for this month I do not have an actual product that can be bought in a store but rather made at home. This plum crumble was and is one of my favourite summer cakes. It is super quick and easy and never disappoints. I think I have never made any cake as often as this one.

Even though I made a lot of other delicious desserts this summer at the end this was always my go-to recipe. It’s such a great traditional recipe which definitely doesn’t taste worse than the non vegan traditional version.

If you still haven’t tried this recipe and plums are still in season wherever you are you should definitely try it out. Even if you don’t have any plums, apricots or peaches are also a great alternative. So it’s time to go to the kitchen and not the supermarket this month and try out my favourite cake, by clicking on the picture you will be redirected to the recipe. Enjoy!

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