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Being out and about as a vegan can be challenging at times, especially if you didn’t have time to pack your own lunch or snack. But recently I’ve enjoyed the fact that more and more sandwich shops, fast food chains and bakeries include more vegan options.

I chose Pret this month as an example for multiple food shops all over Europe offering vegan options to its customers. Most shops might not have ethical/sustainable intentions in mind when offering vegan food but rather see the money that can be made as vegan food is a trend at the moment, but either way the result is the same.

Pret offers vegetarian (veggie) as well as vegan sandwiches and wraps, fruit salads or soups. Depending on the store and the time you get there it is possible that nothing is left anymore as the food is freshly prepared every day. But as I mentioned already there are other shops (depending on the country) at train stations, airports or in shopping malls that offer vegan options.

Make sure to support such efforts from shops to ensure that vegan options remain a part of their offerings. So the next time you are out and about and in need of a snack look out for Pret and other food chains and you might be surprised to find delicious plant-based snacks.

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