Arber Aftershave Balm

This time my favourite product is not a food item but an aftershave. It is from The Bodyshop Arber line and I just really like the scent. I particularly like the aftershave but the other items in the Arber line with the same scent are just as great.

A great smooth and calming aftershave balm with an awesome scent that is always one of my must have toiletries.

Most people are already familiar with The Bodyshop and have tried some of their products and luckily the range of vegan cosmetics is expanding not only at The Bodyshop. But this is definitely one of those stores with a great philosophy despite the controversy surrounding L’Oréal’s ownership of the firm.

Fortunately The Bodyshop is available in a lot of countries so it should not be too difficult to get your hands on one of their cruelty-free products like the Arber aftershave.

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