Whether you are looking for a bag, top, pants or dresses Asos got you covered. Unlike most other online stores in this list Asos does not focus on cruelty-free fashion and you do have to check before you purchase that it is indeed vegan. The new commitment to reducing the impact on the environment and producing more sustainably is definitely a step in the right direction. So if you are looking for something less expensive you can order it directly online and get it shipped to your house.

Bourgeois Boheme

An exclusive vegan shoe store offering high quality footwear for men and women. Bourgeois Boheme is an independent London-based footwear brand. All shoes are completely free from animal products and made in Europe with eco-friendly vegan leather. The slow fashion company is perfect for everyone looking for a new pair of beautiful cruelty-free shoes and have the necessary money to pay for it with prices around 100-200£.

Brave Gentle Man

A beautiful online store with a great choice of high quality clothes for men of all ages. The store ships its items all over the world, but shipping isn’t the cheapest. The quality and high ethical morale is definitely not cheap and the clothes range between 200 and 700$. But if you are willing to support such a great business and are looking for shoes, jackets, a nice new suit or bag this online shop is perfect for you.

Harper Lange

This online store is offering a wide variety of women’s clothing all vegan and bohemian style. Shipping within the US over 50$ is free but for customers outside of the US the shipping costs aren’t the cheapest. But the clothes priced between around 30-100$ are definitely worth to look at and maybe even add to your wardrobe, after all you are supporting a cruelty free brand.

Insecta Shoes

This vegan store is another great one offering sustainable shoes. The Brazil based store offers worldwide shipping of shoes made from recycled materials. The shoes are not only sustainable and animal friendly but also a stylish fashion statement. With a variety of different styles and creative designs for roughly 140$ these shoes are a must have for everyone looking for extraordinary footwear.

Matt & Nat

A great cruelty free fashion brand inspired by material and nature and always following a philosophy based on love and compassion. The collections are made from recycled plastic bottles and are sold either online or in stores in certain countries (Germany, Japan, UK, US, Australia, Canada). The store sells wallets, handbags and other types of bags for women and men in a price range around 100€ and available to customers all over the world via their online store.


The online retailer started as a New York City street style blog and transformed into a female fashion store. Perfect for every fashionable but also conscious female consumer. The store only offers products free from animal products and is reasonably priced around 100$. The selection of clothing items such as dresses and tops as well as a variety of accessories are available for customers from all over the world.

Stella McCartney

She is well-known for her commitment to sustainability and limited use of animal products in her collections. A wide range of different fashion items for men and women for every aspect of life. Some of her clothing items do contain wool, so as always check before you purchase it. Her beautiful collections are definitely not for the money conscious person as her prices easily reach 1000$.

The Third Estate

Ethical, eco-friendly and animal-free fashion items are sold by London-based retailer The Third Estate. The store managed to combine making a profit and having a business with ethics and sustainability and offers its products to customers all over the world whether it would be shoes, cardigans or bags. Vegan fashion for everyone with prices from 80£ directly from London to your door step.

Thread Harvest

Making the fashion industry a better place is one of Thread Harvest’s main objective. The online retailer offers a wide variety of ethical and eco-friendly brands. Whatever you are looking for the Australian store has it in stock, whether sunglasses for the next trip to the beach or a new dress for a night out. Luckily all products are easily delivered to any place in the world and with prices from 40$ upwards not too pricy either.

Vaute Couture

Another high quality vegan fashion label. This time for him and her, great 100% vegan options made by vegans for vegans. This store offers from coats to dresses and hats everything a fashionable vegan might need for the next season. Definitely not cheap again, but from 100$ upwards you receive great quality made in the US, but don’t worry they’ll ship it to your country of choice.

The Vegan Store

The vegan store is the ultimate online store for every vegan or animal activist. It offers a wide range of products such as belts, shoes and jackets but also non fashion related items such as food. A company with great values and a focus on cruelty-free products delivered to your door step. Luckily the American store is on the less pricy side with prices from around 20$ for clothing items.

Vegetarian Shoes

As the name already tells this store is purely for shoes. A huge selection of shoes for women and men who prefer vegan materials rather than genuine leather. This UK-based online store offers quality shoes for over 26 years at affordable prices ranging between 30 to 150£. As with the other online stores it is easy to order from anywhere in the world and returns are possible too.

Wilby Clutch

If you are looking for beautiful handbags of any kind don’t look any further. This UK brand has a great variety of stunning vegan handbags which are shipped to your doorstep wherever you live. Most bags are produced in the UK and sold for around 50-100$. The company uses mostly organic, recycled or eco-friendly materials.


Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co.

There is definitely no excuse anymore for not wearing cruelty-free shoes. This online shoe store offers a wide selection of vegan shoes for him and her. The shoes from London are ethically produced high quality “leather” shoes without the suffering of animals involved. It has never been that easy to look good and have a clean conscience at the same time. Will’s vegan shoes are sold for approximately 70£ and shipped to your country of choice.

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