Veganism is a philosophy known to a lot of people nowadays but most often it focuses solely on food choices. But food is not the only aspect where humans found a way to use and abuse animals. The fashion industry is another one that uses animals in their products. The most famous example would be fur, however fur is not the only animal based fashion item. Everyday items like belts, bags, jackets, sweaters, beanies and watches might all include animal derived materials such as leather, wool, silk or certain glues. It is true that food is a bigger issue as we are eating multiple times a day but aren’t buying clothes every day, at least most of us don’t. However it is still an issue that should be addressed and we should become aware of the impact our consumption has on animal lives, the environment as well as the lives of low paid workers in developing countries. That’s why I am trying to show you vegan fashion stores that offer sustainable products to make it easier for you to purchase new clothes with a clear conscience. If you know of any great vegan brand or store please share it with us so everyone in the village can benefit from good quality cruelty free fashion.