The vegan principles shouldn’t be limited to nutrition only, the ethical value that animals are not here on earth for our usage affects a lot of areas of our daily life. Whether it means that we do not support zoos, attend a circus with animals or the most commonly known aspect that we do not eat any animal products. But it does not end there, animal products are also widely used in the fashion and beauty industry. Most of us might still be aware of the possibility that beauty and cosmetic products have been tested on animals but when it comes to fashion we are mostly unaware of the effects of our consumption. I listed some vegan friendly stores on another page but would like to mention the possible non vegan materials to look out for.

Animal products in fashion

If you are in a rush and don’t feel like researching a lot or reading too much I’ll just list non vegan materials that could be found in your clothes. That doesn’t mean you should throw away what you already have, remember the least impact is always not to buy anything new. However if you plan a new fashion purchase look out for those materials:

  • fur (fox, chinchilla, mink, …)
  • leather (cow, snake, crocodile, …)
  • wool (angora, cashmere, shearling, …)
  • silk
  • feathers

Luckily it isn’t that difficult to wear nice and stylish clothes without harming animals in the process. And no it’s not just a by-product of the meat industry, in case you thought that would be a good reason to still use animal derived materials.

More information

If you’d like some more information on the issue I made a list of some sources that offer additional background to animals in the fashion industry. Just click on the picture and you’ll be automatically redirected to the website.

Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund

Precise information on different animal materials used in the fashion industry all over the world. You can also find additional links to more information as well as alternative materials to use.

Animal Ethics

Animal Ethics provides further inside in the different sectors of the fashion industry from fur to leather or feathers.  It gives detailed information to each particular animal material as well as further sources.


Another great organisation working for a better world for all animals. Further information on animals used for clothing as well as some video footage can be found on their website.


PETA offers some great information on the animals used in the fashion industry and gives a little bit of background information to the conditions of those animals worldwide.


If you don’t feel like reading that isn’t a problem either, the internet has you covered. I linked a few YouTube videos but we all know that it isn’t too difficult to go further from there with more and more recommended videos featuring this topic.

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