Some of us still prefer to read a book and get some information in written format, luckily there are some great options out there. Just click on the book cover to go directly to the book. If you know of a great vegan book that hasn’t been listed please share with me and the rest of the village.

Eating Animals

A classic that everyone should have read, been around for quite some time now and a bestseller from Jonathan Safran Foer who manages to write about this sensitive topic in such an intriguing way.

How Not To Die

A great book dealing with the negative and deadly consequences of diet and how to change your diet to potentially reverse certain diseases.

Main Street Vegan

Perfect book for new vegans interested in the plant-based world. In times of growing popularity of veganism in certain groups this book helps to practically approach veganism.


This book provides great insides into slaughterhouses and how the workers, the animals as well as the consumers are affected by them and the changes within the industry in the last years.

 The China Study

Dr. Campbell’s china study shouldn’t be missing from a list of books dealing with a vegan diet. Everyone interested in the negative impacts on our health due to bad nutrition should read this comprehensive book.

The Food Revolution

John Robbins addresses not only the effects of genetically modified foods but also the impact that animal products have on the human body and the dangers of the current factory farming system.

 Vegan Freak

The authors deal with the typical situations vegans are faced every day living in a non vegan world and provide guidance with a hint of humor on how to deal with being a “vegan freak”.

Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating

Erik Marcus discusses the effects of our eating habits on the environment, our health as well as the animals involved with the help of international experts.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

If you are interested in the underlying reasons for why we eat certain animals and love others this is the perfect book to start looking into the bizarre world of carnism we created and live in.