Welcome to Vladi’s Village, a vegan village for everyone!



I would like to invite you to be part of the vegan village, after all the world seems to be flooded with urban vegans everywhere but let’s not forget the people in or from the villages all around the world. And no, exploitation of animals is exploitation whether on a small scale or in huge factory farms don’t forget that. Whether you are a long-term vegan or only recently developed an interest for a vegan lifestyle, Vladi’s Village is for all of you.

It provides you with inspiration and ideas for food, fashion and vegan friendly products. I myself have been a vegan for over a year now. In the past I already ate plant-based but did not have the proper foundation I have today. Because of my lacking foundation I went back to a “normal” diet and was part of the “failed vegan” statistic. But luckily I started reconsidering my choices again quite recently and got more information than ever before. I started watching YouTube videos, documentaries and followed other vegans on Instagram. I made sure that I really understood this time why a vegan lifestyle is the best choice for me, and for most others as well. After all my research and my new-found interest in veganism I decided to be more proactive this time and help others discover the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. After all veganism provides great benefits for the animals, environment and your own health. Everyone has different priorities and finds different aspects more appealing than others, but at the end the only thing that counts is the result – living a vegan life.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean to act as if you are better than non vegans or preach veganism to everyone. It should be deeply rooted in kindness and compassion, not only towards animals but also fellow humans. We should all remember that we were once a non vegan (most of us) and it can take time before you are ready to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Even though it is difficult and challenging at times being confronted with stubborn and seemingly uninterested “meat eaters”, it is important to be present and provide good quality information to non vegans. Vladi’s Village hopefully provides you with some information, or at least some great recipes to convince every meat-eater that vegan food can taste delicious too.

Now it is time to enjoy the site and leave some feedback if you are missing something or would like to know more about a vegan lifestyle.

If the world would be a village – it should be a vegan one.