Whether you are vegan or not fitness might play an important role in your life. More and more people are interested in living a healthy lifestyle which includes fitness and physical exercise. Being a vegan or eating a plant-based diet doesn’t change the basics of fitness but it includes certain issues that do come up especially when dealing with non vegans. In a world where a lot of people especially in the fitness industry are promoting a high protein and low carb diet issues with the vegan diet are inevitable. One of the most popular question still seems to be “Where do you get your protein from?”. Fortunately the fitness world is full of examples of great sports men and women who thrive on a plant-based diet. This page is not trying to sell you any workout or promise you a quick fix but rather provide you with inspiration. Even though you might be the only vegan in your gym there are a lot of vegans out there successfully working on their bodies fuelled only by plant proteins. So no reason to panic, fitness and a plant-based diet is a great combination.